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Height Restrictors are height restriction barriers intended to restrict the height of vehicles allowed into specific areas, such as car parks or traffic lanes. 

Height restrictors consist of all steel construction coated white with white powder coated aluminium arm and knocking arm for driver warning. The Height Restrictors triangular steel arm carrier is mounted on the hinges of the main support post which in turn supports the arm. The height restriction barriers knocking arm is suspended by adjustable links in order to adjust the height on site. Height restriction barriers

The other end of the restriction barriers support arm is secured in a catcher post, which is height adjustable to take into account variation in the road camber. The height restrictor's arm is locked into the catcher post through a padlockable elongated bar which allows control from normal pedestrian height. A second catcher post can be provided to lock the arm in the opened position.Height Restrictors - vehicle restrictors

Dual Height Restrictor Arms with central locking mechanisms can be provided to control wider roadways.

If a non-opening fixed version of the height restrictor is required please contact our Sales Department for further details  sales@avon-barrier.co.uk

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Key Features

  • Robust construction
  • Ease of installation
  • Durable coating specification
  • Spares availability


  • Reliability
  • Modular Design
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance

Technical Specification

  • Height Restriction Barriers Construction: 100x100x5mm Mild Steel Square Hollow Section Vertical Posts
  • 100x50 RHS Mild Steel Hinged Section with 50x50 SHS Mild Steel Cross Brace welded diagonally to corner
  • Height Restrictors Standard Height 2.7m (Restrictors can be manufactured to customer specification)
  • Arm Lengths of up to 7m are available and are manufactured to suit customer specification
  • Restriction Barrier comes complete with:
  • Restrictor Posts may be surface mounted or grouted in
  • Supplied with catcher in closed position and optional catcher post available for open position
  • Powder Coated White or Galvanized finishes available
  • Red/White or Black/Yellow Fascal finishes available

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